Samstag, 9. Mai 2015

The hut became a home

Finally, after two months of nice and challenging work our first little house was ready for us to move in.
And it feels sooooo great to live in a place where you know the story of every single nail and every single piece of wood. It is very small but very cozy and we realized that it is not the size that matters at all, it is the arrangement and the multi functionality of the things that we really need that matters. Why have a big two story house when you are only two and what is the point of having all the things that we don't need. For us it is luxurious  to have good food and fresh air and a roof on top of our heads that keeps us dry and warm, and most important  to wake up with the freedom that the day is yours and we can turn it into whatever we want. May it be planting in the forest,  or sewing new pillows or making furniture or planning our further travels. We are so thankful for all the persons that made our dream possible,  especially our family and friends.

Thank you so much for all the support !!!!

Here we have some pictures of our first building in its final construction period and already finished:

the Terrace in progress

the upper deck

Roof installation

window panels in the making!
Panels done!

Kokoo! :)

soon-to-be kitchen!

upper roof construction

with our friend Joseph doing the roof

view from the inside

Passion Fruit

Cozy spot! :)


finnished product! you should have been the judge!

interior walls


the Terrace

Our humble HOME

Sweet dream tea time :) with mango muffins


the windows now ready with a self-designed pattern

spraying salt solution against unwelcome guests wood borer....

Well if you open your eyes you will see the wonders of this world ...this are our neighbors.


Preparing freshly picked spinach for lunch

This is an absolutely delicious fruit ...if you ever get the chance to try it try !!!

got ya1 ....picture through a 0.3 mm gap in the window :) 

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