Freitag, 26. September 2014

Camping in Lorch (LOooArCH)

4-9 August.2014

By the time that we weren´t able to bid farewell to our friend Zoé and Robin, we spontaneously drove with their Bulli and the 3 little ones (Linus, Elias and Nelio) to process the indian Visa in Frankfurt and immideately drove out of the City and went to a beautiful place near the Rhein river, a place called Lorch (can be pronounced in many ways, (LÖÖÖRSCH). We found a camping place in Suleika, above a wine plantation hill with a nice view of the river and the mountains heading France.
We had a lot of happy moments together especially with their three lovely kids. We cooked together (very tasty), talked outside under the stars. The goodbye moment wasn´t easier as the first one, but finally our roads went to their own directions. We hitched heading south, while the five of them went back to Bielefeld.
You will certainly have a special place in our hearts and be with us along every journey. We cannot wait for the time to see each other again.. :)

 Heading SOUTH!

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