Mittwoch, 1. Oktober 2014


9-19 August 2014

Our successful Hitch-tour from Rhein river to the South (of Germany) brought us to Ravensburg where our lovely Grandparents together with sister Judith welcomed us. We had so many experience in so little time with so many nice people.

Judy took us to a nice movie and went with us to a very nice and unique thermal bath in Überlingen very near to the Lake-Konstanz. A feast at Aisha´s Birthday-party in a chinese Restaurant, Max even reminded us to enjoy the meal, coz we won´t be having the same kind in the Ayurveda treatment.We feasted with the Igels during Pangratius´ Christening and saw all their wonderful(permaculture) projects in the Farm. We had a really good get together with the Nüberlins at the Pizzeria(the Pizza was so great!). A Visit to our dearly friend Sybille and her mother the Gräfin of Felz was a very meaningful time to spend.

Auntie Barbara toured us to her great and humble town called Ulm and to the sourrounding nature esspecially the place called Blautopf. A Spring which is incredibly deep and seems to give an enchanting feeling of it´s beautiful blue colored lake-like spring.

We had a wonderful stay at our Grandparents house. Grandma used to cook meals as always for us.. we miss it :). Sometimes, we went out to nice Restaurants where we could enjoy the Schwäbisch cuisine, very delightful. We had nice conversations under a tree eating ice cream and playing a game called GENIAL! (it´s a fantastic and enjoyous game! :) ) At our last days on a sunny Sunday morning, we drove to Sulzberg for a hike and to enjoy the view of the mountain ranges of the Alpines.

Even we will be so far away they will be so near in our hearts!
We are so Lucky to have these wonderful people as friends! :)

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