Samstag, 14. März 2015

Nan Art Festival, Thailand

Our last days in Thailand,

We spend our last days in Nan again, that beautiful little town between mountains, temples and the nan river. We thought it would be a nice idea to be there before we will fly in the Philippines !
And it was because surprisingly there was the annual art festival during the days that we spend there.
Which made it even more beautiful for us, the only difficulty with that was, that all rooms in the city where booked, but we were lucky and found our friend just around the corner of the hotel that we had been the first night. That was a nice surprise!, and we could join him in his little Tippi, so our hotel problem was solved.
We loved our time there very much and we met interesting people and had good talks.
We left with a night bus to Bangkok airport sad and happy at the same time, happy because we had such a wonderful time and gained so many new friends in Thailand and learned so much from its people and culture and sad because we left it, but there is a saying that it is best to leave when you love it the most.
Thank you Thailand for all the amazing things and people you showed us, we will miss you and carry you with us, we will come back on day for sure !

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