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Sahai Nan Farm the last weeks

                                                            Sahai Nan Farm the last weeks                                                    

There we post again after a long time without time to blog, not mentioning the inability to have an internet connection that would be fast enough to upload pictures.
We want to show our family and friends  some pictures from the last weeks that we spend in Thailand, weeks of joy and happiness and full of new experiences. We continued working and helping our friends Shen and Sahai with their farm, in  Thung Chang, northern Thailand.

There was al lot to do always, we had some courses that we helped with and some projects as building an earth oven, the new bathroom and an extension of a hut. 

For the oven we did make a platform out of stones first, and then we had some fireproof bricks that would be the bottom of the oven, after we made a sandhill that had the size of the inside volume of the oven and finally we plastered it with a mix out of sand, earth and fiber.

This is the result Mr.Oven :) May he make many more tasty cakes and breads :)

Then the bathroom  not yet finished, the roof was still in work but the walls and the interior was ready to use when we left .
For the Bathroom  a technique called cob was used .
Therefore a frame is build first ( here out of bamboo)  and then fiber like corn husks are soaked in wet earth and then hang over the frame and the plastered with balls of wet earth . When its dry it is plastered again with much more smooth mixture of Sand and Earth.

Building of the extension of the hut, out out of natural materials only. Its build with bamboo and teek wood and the sticks are even tight together with bamboo strings only 
an act of knowledge and balance :

That is how we woke up there, with the sound of a flute during the sunrise ....that is a very sweet way to wake up,  beautiful, isn't it  !

One day we went to the next village to spend time with the villagers and to exchange ideas about sustainable living wich was very interesting. The Village is so far away from town that they build there on amazing school and are still living like a community, working together. The experience to be with them was unforgettable and very inspirational to us!

The monk of the village that came to teach the children in school was  showing us the school and its story
The school had a library and on its walls the story of the tribe-village was painted and written  so beautiful, that it made us speechless!

We shared  stories with the little school children 

After spending the whole day in the village we had a native outdoor dinner together with them at their river ,
young and old, village leader, teacher and monk all together. Later on, around the fire,they told us how their tribe started to  to settle and what has happened until nowadays , it was very beautiful and unique to have such an opportunity. 

Saturday Dinner in the city with the whole group after going to the weekend marred where we bought our weekly supply

The day we left....

We will never forget the time at this place, we left not only with a bag full of new knowledge and experience but with many new friends and especially the hosts Sahai and Shen, we will hopefully keep in touch to share our experience in the future!
We thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to stay with you for 3 wonderful month !

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