Donnerstag, 2. Oktober 2014

Vadiagrama (Coimbatore)

Friday 12th September 2014, Pondicherry ( INDIA)

An ayurveda hospital what seems to be like a village in the middle of nature. A healing place where people of all nations come to relax, rejuvinate and be healed. Our first days in this place were not easy. We did not know what to expect, in relation to the western world where the doctors explain everything what they are doing and will be doing. Here, we were confronted with situations in which the only thing that the doctor asks is to show our tounge, eyes and let them feel our pulse, they expect us to surrender in their medical practice. In the eastern medical way, the doctors are treated as wisest one whom one should trust without questioning their capabilities, in short one has to have faith. After a few days we got used to the bitter medicine every five in the morning and in the afternoon, and after each dull tasteless meal. The meal wasn´t spiced so much for the reason of it was not to satisfy the tounge but to cleanse the entire body, and it really did. We have met a lot of wonderful and nice people in this healing village. Within the first week, we soaked in to the atmosphere of the unique experience of the place and were able to enjoy the theraputic massages and oil treatments especially suited for each person. We started to treasure the serinity, the sound of nature, and the sweetness of doing nothing and to concentrate on oneselves healing process. Eventhough this was a hospital for healing, the indian culture was so present in the daily routine and also the impressive ceremonies that were celebrated together with us in the yoga hall, left a remarkable experience in our minds.
This place is not just a hospital but a place where the villagers, nurses, and doctors are not only working but as well living, a place that does not only focus on the healing aspect of ayurveda but to actually live it. Ayurveda means the knowledge of long and healthy life and tries to teach people how to live healthy in harmony with nature. The 21 day experience was intense and at the same time relaxing and healing for our body and mind. We were very thankful for the opportunity of being in a little patch of heaven that helpt us to balance our body and mind.

A great way of starting a new chapter in life.

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