Freitag, 21. November 2014


                                       THAILAND , Mae Mut Garden and surrounding area 

Now after a long time, news from the both of us. We are in Thailand since two months, working on a permaculture/sustainable farm as volunteers in the mountains one hour away from Chiang Mai in the north. Here we live in a very nice wooden house with the most amazing view of the mountains as far as to the biggest one of Thailand (Doi Inthanon). Each morning when we get up, we wake up with a smile on our face because it is so beautiful. We are surrounded  by rice terraces and forests. Here on the farm there is always a lot to do, in the gardens or in the young forest area, around the house and with the chicken. We are here to learn as much as possible about organic gardening and a natural lifestyle in harmony with nature.
So far we learned about composting, mulching, grey water systems, eco building and crop rotation as well as making natural fertilizers and pesticides from materials that are around, making medicine and much more.
Here so far from the city and the stressful life, the time does pass slowly and peacefully and it makes us forget about the worries of the world and the day or month we live in, we just enjoy and experience and wake up  and go to sleep with the sun every day. 
Slowly we adopt the heat of the day and the coldness of the nights and we get used to drink a lot of water all the time. 
The Thai culture and the people we met are very nice, very welcoming and warm, here everybody does still greet everybody on the street and neighbors help each other, we still see the children running and playing in the streets together, and it makes us very happy to see that each time we see it, because in the western world it gets so seldom to see such a healthy picture of children.
The food is very fresh and very good as long as it isn't too spicy.
We enjoy very much every aspect of being at this wonderful place with so many wonderful people and the amazing breathtaking nature around us :) 

To know more about Mae Mut garden, just check these sites out! :)
The lovely Family we stay with at Mae Mut Garden Farm 

The beautiful volunteer house we enjoyed to live in 

Breathtaking views from the veranda

The nicest person we ever met : Pi Hom always there where help is needed in Mae Mut garden,
here she is  cooking some bugs for Jay to try real thai mountain food

Fenja in front of a Waterfall

a little sleepy friend in the trees 


Oliver, our neighbor is constructing a dome house  

                                  A weekend in the City CHIANG MAI during a festival


 Rice from their own Farm

 making banana Jam.. Aloy! (Yummy)

 a part of the grey water system

 Compost making, Feeding the soil is Feeding the Plants! :)

 Okra or Lady fingers as big as my Hand! 

Tomatoes that we planted

 The wood oven
and the Bread of course

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