Montag, 29. Dezember 2014

Sahai Nan, Thailand

From Chiang Mai, we moved to Nan
Sahai Nan organic permaculture farm is a very interesting place, secluded from big cities and the metropolic-stress lies a farm located in the province of Nan near the border to Laos. This project was started there a few months ago, by a man named Sahai (which means friend). The accommodation is quite basic but also authentic, because every material that was used was found in the Farm itself. In just a few weeks, water for drinking and bathing was installed, four huts and a big cooking/dinning area was built terraces of rice fields were excavated and even electricity that runs using a solar panel, oh and also a blacksmithing forge area contributed by one of the permaculture students. Most of these things were made by just one man, Sahai, a grandson of a tribal leader which also did the same principles in permaculture in Thailand not knowing that there was a word for it, so he decided to carry the legacy on, that his father also taught him. He has designed and created a number of Farms in Thailand and also in different parts of South East Asia.

Our gained experience in this place gave us so much energy, wisdom and inspiration that after heading to Laos for the visa run, we have decided to go back to this place and add a little bit more knowledge, not just in terms of construction and gardening but also in the way of life.

if you´re courious about this farm, just check:

Here are some pictures from Sahai Nan Farm:

Our home :)

Jay learning weaving with bamboo 

One of the huts for volunteers  

The source of electricity ...the little solar panel

A bridge across a  little stream

Day on the river

Saturday market 

Home at night 
Successful fishing 


Some small friends in the morning sun on the tent 

On the way to the saturdaymarket

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